La Feste a La Tour du Lac
Who are we?
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Who are we?
Jehan, Seigneur de la Tour du Lac, is typical of many Huguenot captains demobilized by the end of the French religious wars in the 1590s.  He has bought some property and settled down in a little chateau in the Dordogne Valley near St. Foye.  He keeps his Maison Rustique next to La Bible and is busy molding himself into the role of a country squire after years on campaign. He is not really the same guy that kept a tavern in Calais for so many years.

Jeanne-Marie, the cook, rules his kitchen with an iron hand.  She's learned some of the new Italian cuisine but cooks with the foods of the region. 

Master Luke Knowlton, is an old companion of M. Jehan from the Warres who served in the Normandy Campaign with Essex.  After being invalided out of the army, he has gotten into the wine trade and taken up residence in the neighborhood. He is generously providing the downstairs feast for the peasants.

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