La Feste a La Tour du Lac
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Who are we?
Guests are being arranged in order of precedence in the SCA. Couples are not being split up, but are being seated based on the precedence of the highest ranking person. In one case, someone has been moved to a lower seat for convenience. To enter the hall, guests will be arranged in two lines along the double staircase, with Aquel at the head of one line and Johanna at the head of the other. They will process in to music, Aquel's line coming around the left, and Johanns's line coming around the right, so everyone can just walk to their places in order and sit down.
Vis Mara Aquel Johanna Jehan Isabella
Table   Luke
Caitlin     Rowan
Emerson     Fergus
eLeri     Roland
John McG.   Table 1 Table 3   Brokk
Gisele     Rozi
Toshi     Pamelina
Caitlin     Marguerite
Morwenna     Harald
<roast> <roast>
Yevsha     Elspeth
Lakshmi     Diego
Rose     Godith
Larissa     John de C
Julian   Table 2 Table 4   Margoton
Bronwen     Pryder
Cassandra     Marian
Caryl     Constance
Kali     Eleterius


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