LíEnsemble Cantabile

Since we began in 1996 we have averaged between 7 and 8 appearances each year.

Renaissance Feasts:
The largest proportion of performances have been accompanied by sumptuous feasting and drinking. Our preferred venues are intimate country restaurants accommodating from thirty to fifty revelers where we provide music with each service (or "remove" as the Elizabeathans would say). Typically we sing between twenty-five and thirty songs at a feast of five or six courses.

In most cases the menu is based on period recipes of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. What follows is a typical menu.

1st remove - Sweet wine & Fruit of the Season

2nd remove - Pottage of Turnip & Parsnip

3rd remove : side dish - Fresh Cheese & Onion Tart

4th remove - Lamb with Plums & Almonds

Desserts - Cakes stuffed with Apple & Almond Milk Mousse

The Renaissance :
Renaissance Europe in 1599 was a time when ideas and music traveled freely. The Italians borrowed from the Flemish, the English from the Italians. The printing press removed borders and enabled a rebirth of thought and art. Composers like Lassus and Arcadelt wrote easily in French, Italian, Latin or German. In addition to these languages, we sing madrigals in English and Spanish as well. Our music moves across the centuries from 1475 to 1675 and is accompanied by Tabor and Flute.

In both concerts and feasts we really enjoy giving short introductions to our music which allow us to share what we know about the history and meaning of the pieces we are presenting.

Formal Concerts:
Formal Concerts comprise the next largest proportion of our performances. In every case we have shared the ticket revenues with a church or other worthy nonprofit association.

Weddings and Collaborative Events:
The rest of our performances have been taken up with weddings; where we have sung for both the ceremony and the reception, and smaller presentations like a ten to 15 minute set in a local cultural day celebration or a couple of numbers within a theatrical presentation.

Performance Location:
Most of the time we perform locally within an area known as West Québec. This has included such municipalities as: Lachute, Lakefield, Cushing, Montebello, Papineauville, Saint-André-Avellin, Ripon, Chénéville and Buckingham. We have also ventured farther afield to Montréal and Ottawa. Certainly one of our most memorable events took place at the Poulet Gauche in Boston were we were most honoured to be able to sing before both well costumed commoners and nobles for the better part of a day both in the court yard and at the feast in the innís great hall.

A list of the regional restaurants where we have performed:

La Ferme Cavalier
39, montée Saint-André
Saint-Sixte (Québec)
J0X 3B0
(819) 985-2490
Email: Marc & Gertie Cavalier

Les Jardins de Vinoy
497, montée Vinoy ouest
Chénéville (Québec)
J0V 1E0
(819) 428-3774
Email: Susanne Benoit & André Changnon

Les Deux Soeurs
Auberge La Pineraie
304, chemin de la Pineraie
Lac Simon (Québec)
J0V 3M0
(819) 428-3312
Email: Les Deux Soeurs

Le Chateau Montebello
Montebello (Québec)
J0V 1L0
(819) 423-6341
1(800) 441-1414

For information about appearances and bookings contact:

Brian Fisher
184, chemin Saint-André, Ripon QC J0V 1V0
(819) 983-6261